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Category: Web Application Development

Course Details:

Web designing at present is the most lucrative career option for most of the individuals. We at Web Training Academy with the help of our experienced faculty train our students to design modern websites with plenty of customizations. Students get hands-on experience by completing projects designed to impart skills for handling projects in the real world. This Diploma in web design course is also suitable for candidates wishing to take up web designing as their career.

Thus, we have one of the best web design courses in Kolkata. Our trainers are working professionals as a result of which they have real time knowledge and experience in web design. So, they are the best people to guide you through the web design course so that you do not face any kind of difficulty in your professional sphere. You will practice live projects under the supervision of our highly experienced trainers because if you get stuck anywhere and at any point of time they will help you out then and there. In this way, you will gain a good experience of web design.

Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML Introduction
  • • HTML Charset
  • • HTML Elements
  • • HTML Attributes
  • • HTML Formatting
  • • HTML Links
  • • HTML Images
  • • HTML Forms
  • • HTML Tables
  • • HTML Lists
CSS Introduction
  • • CSS Syntax
  • • CSS Colors
  • • CSS Backgrounds
  • • CSS Borders
  • • CSS Margins
  • • CSS Padding
  • • CSS Height/Width
  • • CSS Outline
  • • CSS Text
JS Introduction
  • • JS Statements
  • • JS Syntax
  • • JS Variables
  • • JS Operators
  • • JS Assignments
  • • JS Data Types
  • • JS Functions
  • • JS Objects
  • • JS Scope
  • • JS Events
  • • JS Strings
  • • JS Arrays

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