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Digital Marketing

Category: Digital Marketing and SEO

Course Details:

Digital Marketing is topic of discussion among business owners, Business and sales managers, Search Engine marketers and Search Engine optimizers.

Gone are the days when offline-marketing were sufficient for business advertisement and promotion. The time has changed and one must blend conventional marketing strategy with Digital Marketing to tap full potential of business marketing and advertising.

SB Creation Academy, a premier I.T. Training institute in Kolkata which provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training, PPC Training, SMM and SEM and Digital Marketing training. We provide class-room Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata

This course is latest and modern and is last updated on November 2019. So, all technique and optimization process will be taught as per current marketing trend and latest Google’s updates. This course is supported by Video tutorials (Video tutorials is prepared by same trainer who will be providing training) and book in the form of Soft copy or Hard copy .This will help you to get in-depth knowledge about below subjects.

Course Syllabus

Understanding Digital Marketing

  • • What is digital marketing?
  • • How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing
  • • Why digital marketing must be combined with traditional marketing
  • • How Digital Marketing is affecting business

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